Freckles, Plums and Parsley

The little things mean a lot to me, if I’m still and quiet enough I can find beauty and joy in small places. But I need to slow down and give it my full attention in order to savour the sweetness.

Today it was the clear skin of my little Celtic warrior child, the violet blue of her eyes and the freckles on her nose. Carrying the genes of all the strong women in my ancestry. I put down my phone and gave her my full attention and watched her blossom, entertaining me with sweetness and funny mannerisms.

It was in the freshness of the parsley I keep outside the front door because the rabbits dine heartily if I keep it in the garden. I could feel it injecting my blood with fresh vitamins and minerals as it always tastes sweeter when you’ve nurtured the plant and asked permission, it gives more in return. Just like people.

It was the ripe soft plum that I picked from the tree, still sunshine warm. The texture and taste changing with every bite.

It was the ability to hold a clients tears as they had held themselves rigid and strong for too long, showing them the strength of softness instead. To be fluid, vulnerable, held, accepted. I want more of that in my world. I will show the way.

It was the Celtic warriors wise and beautiful heart of her elder sister who gave me a hug and supported me when she went into full warrior mode.

It gives me hope that I’m leaving the next generation with softness and wisdom and empowered to change things. Small things done with kindness is how we will change. Slowly, many people making small changes. Softer, slower, more fluid and flexible. Expanding, loving, growing.

If you want beauty around you, create it.

If you want to be loved, love

If you want a better world, make your little bit of it better, join up with the others, be part of the tapestry.

If you want to be forgiven, show forgiveness.

If you want compassion, be compassionate.

Be powerful, don’t waste your creation.

Don’t support the others who hate and lie and fear, you will only create hate, lies and fear.

Don’t complain, create.

Grow yourself, grow your world, make it better, more loving, more beautiful.



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