How to be Magic


Down the Rabbit Hole

Want to know how to do magic?

Well you don’t do it, you become it. You let it flow through your body like arousal, through your heart and from your toes to your spine and crown. It’s sensual and it dances through you and with you, in you.

You need to live the magic so that it runs through your everyday life.

Synchronicity is being in flow, in the Tao and when you are in that place, you are swept up in a magical river, and the river is also within you, the same will, same mind. Like merging with a lover. The air is sweeter and more alive and has more viscosity. The universe conspires to bring you what you need, because you are also the universe.

Yesterday I spoke about the Heroine’s Journey. The journey of the feminine aspect leads down the rabbit hole. It’s the tale of Alice in Wonderland.

Today I found myself in an Antiques Market looking for a waistcoat and a pocket watch for my little girl who is becoming the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland this week.

Keys were found for dusty cabinets and top hats and waistcoats discovered while we all smiled and flowed in the magical river. Everything was brought to us and of course we turned the corner to be invited to have tea in Wonderland. Where else would a white rabbit and a witch take tea?

This is the everyday magic that is present in our lives and it’s subtle and beautiful magic. It’s not an action, there is no force. It’s not waving a wand. It’s not a gross motor movement of the hand and it’s subtler than breathing. It’s at the level of blood moving through your body, of tiny processes that you are barely aware of and allow without force. It’s a happening and simultaneously an observation of the happening.

You become the same mind and heart of the universe.

That’s how you become the magic.

If you want to know how to find the river, then follow your curiosity, your desire, your bliss.

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