Q & A

Healingmoon Massage Wragby Lincolnshire

Q. Do I need to bring anything with me ?

A. No I will provide everything you need, try to wear comfortable clothes and arrive relaxed with plenty of time to enjoy your massage. Don’t wear your best underwear as it may absorb some of the oil. This should wash out easily but I don’t want you to worry about your clothing during your massage. If possible try to allow some time after your treatment so that you can very gently ease back into the day. I will ask you to remove any jewellery whenever possible and glasses and it’s possible that some of the oil may get on to your hair. Don’t worry about arriving with perfect hair and make up.

Q. Do I need to keep my underwear on ?

A. During a full body massage I will always ask you to remove your bra as I will need full access to you back. I will ensure that when I ask you to turn over I will cover you with a towel or sheet. You can keep your pants on. The only time I will ask you if your comfortable removing them is if I need to treat you for Sciatica or a similar problem were I will need to access your glute muscles. In this case I will keep you covered with a towel.

Lomi Lomi Massage is a very free flowing massage and its easier if your naked under the light sheet. I can still work when you are wearing pants so It’s fine if you prefer not to take them off. I will always make sure you are comfortable with the level of draping and respect your privacy.

Q. I’m worried about how my body looks. Will I feel comfortable ?

A. I have been massaging for over six years and my clients range from 20 to 80 years old. We all have scars and lumps and bumps and we don’t all spend our free time in the gym. I can honesty say that every body I have seen is beautiful, without exception. I realise it is an honour for you to trust me to look after your body and I respect that. I’m not going to judge you and I will treat your body with care and respect.

Q. Do you give discounts ?

A. No, occasionally I may offer packages, these will be clearly advertised on my website. I do not discount the price of an individual treatment.

Q. Do you charge for cancellations ?.

A. I don’t charge for cancellations as I understand life can be unpredictable. However if you cancel without letting me know I will not allow you to rebook an appointment. If you cancel repeatedly I will also not allow you to rebook. This is in order to avoid wasting any time and free up your place for a more respectful client.

Please ask me if you have any questions that I haven’t covered or if you need further information.