Note – From 1st April 2019 I will only be offering Lomi Lomi Massage, this allows me to combine all of my skills and experience to give you the best massage possible.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy. It is a natural healing method developed by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan, using life force energy to restore all living things back to health. Reiki is the energy of life which makes all things grow and thrive.

During a Reiki treatment this energy is channelled through the hands of the Reiki practitioner into your body. Reiki energy activates your body’s natural ability to heal itself and helps to bring you back into balance.

Reiki is a complementary therapy which supports and compliments other medical and natural healing techniques. It is a natural healing system which is a safe, holistic way to treat many acute and chronic conditions, bringing about spiritual, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

How Reiki can help you

Reiki is very good for emotional problems such as helping you cope with bereavement and traumatic events which have happened in your life. It can help to overcome destructive emotions such as anger or resentment and help you to let go of past emotional traumas which have been holding you back so that you feel lighter and ready to move on with your life. It also helps you to love and appreciate yourself more and be kinder to yourself.

Stress and Anxiety can be greatly reduced. Stress triggers illness and can have a great impact on your physical health if left untreated. It depresses the immune system and research has shown that people suffering from chronic stress experience more frequent colds and upper respiratory infections.

Reiki is very good at removing tension from your body and helping you to maintain a calm and peaceful mind. After a Reiki session most people feel very relaxed, contented and calm. It boosts the immune system and helps to keep you healthy.

Depression and Lack of Energy

Reiki is one of the best ways of restoring and balancing your natural energy levels and emotions and helps you to tackle the cause of your depression. Conventional medical treatments for depression such as anti depressants work by altering the level of chemicals in your body to affect your mood. This is only a temporary reprieve from your symptoms. Reiki can be very effective because it works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  

Reiki can help you feel more aware of your body and in touch with your feelings and emotions. You will feel more physically relaxed and this will help to restore your bodies natural chemical levels. It helps to remove emotional blockages which are a common cause of depression.  

Physical Pain

Reiki can also help with aches and pains such as arthritis, chronic illness and pain management. It can help you to feel more positive during treatment for cancer and speeds up your recovery after surgery

What to expect during a Reiki Treatment

During a treatment at HealingMoon Reiki you will remain fully clothed and relax on a comfortable therapy couch covered by a warm blanket. You can choose to remain seated if you wish. A fully trained Reiki practitioner will then gently place their hands on or just above your body, restoring and balancing your energy levels and removing blocked energy. The whole treatment is very relaxing and you may experience warmth, tingling or waves of energy passing through your body. The treatment will last approximately one hour and costs £40.



“This lady is amazing! Even if you are cynical, give Reiki a go…”

“Julia thank you so much for the Reiki session, it was so relaxing and yet invigorating I would implore even the most sceptical to try it. Julia is great and makes you feel totally at ease.”

“Thank you Julia for the beautiful Reiki treatment today. Your healing hands have done wonders.”

“Just experienced reiki for the first time….wow wow wow was amazing…why have I not done this sooner”

“Hi don’t know what you did to me but WOW !! Feel fantastic/ calm/ confident many many thanks”