Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is essential in our modern world, we have become so disconnected to our body, our community and nature and we no longer have the support system of our tribe. We do not celebrate our rites of passage as we navigate our way through life, this often leaves us feeling alone and disconnected, wondering what life is all about. We acquire the things we are told will make us happy but inside something is missing and we don’t know how to find it.

I practise Shamanic healing in a very modern, simple, way, while still having a deep respect for the traditions that have gone before me. I work in a simple way that gets to the heart of the healing.


What is Shamanic Healing and How Does It Work?


Shamanic Healing is an ancient way of not only seeing, but being part of our world. In it’s simplest form it is returning to wholeness. In Shamanic terms, everything is alive and connected.

If you are out of balance in any area this will cause stress, which can lead to mental or physical illness. It’s the Shamanic practitioner’s role to travel the unseen inner worlds to restore your balance, returning your power, pieces of a broken heart or soul fragment lost through trauma, as well as removing energy which has found a home in your energy body and does not belong to you.

The Shamanic world is a safe place in which to take a look at those issues you have hidden, trauma which you have not fully processed but are afraid to bring to the open. It helps reveal facts about a real life situation that you are not consciously aware of but have the information stored in a deep part of your subconscious. Shamanic Healing is all about making the unseen, seen, allowing powerful healing to occur. It allows you to take back your power and integrate all of your lost pieces. It does this by creating a personal, spiritual, world; a world in which you can safely navigate and the powerful changes you make in the Shamanic world are mirrored in this one.

The shamanic world is the visual representation of who you are and your connection with the world. In the Shamanic world, issues that you are dealing with in everyday life might take the form of animals, plants or other life forms. Power animals are visual representations of aspects of your personality, and when returned to you grant you pathways to reconnect to your power and aspects of yourself which have lain dormant or been suppressed.  You become aware that you are a powerful creator, the situations which you previously believed to be out of your control are much easier to navigate.

We don’t need to believe in magic for Shamanic Healing to happen. It will happen, regardless, but it is easier if we are open to the possibility of magic in our lives. If we can become more childlike, see the world as a magical place then we are well on our way to being our own Shaman.


What Happens During a Shamanic Healing Session?

During a Shamanic healing session, we will initially have a chat about what you would like to achieve from the session. Afterward I will usually ask you to get comfortable while I go and talk with your spirit guides. I will travel into the Shamanic worlds to gain more information about the situation and take advice about what we need to do to resolve it. To do this I will simply shut my eyes and remain calm and still. If you are comfortable I may keep in physical contact with you by touching your arm or hand, scanning your energy body to access more information about what we need to do. When I return I will have a chat about what I have found out and with your permission give some recommendations for further work.

This may involve further journeys to retrieve your power animals, visit your ancestors and spirit guides. It may also involve removing energy from your body which is not serving you, removing energy blockages, soul retrieval, and heart fragment recovery. Even simple rituals which allow you to release the past or anything which may be holding you back. The path to healing is unique to you and everybody will have a different experience and work that they need to complete.

I actively encourage you to take your own power back. I may suggest that you do some work between visits and take a very active part in your healing. If you are interested in Shamanic healing I can also show you how to journey, introducing you to this extraordinary healing so that you can experience the journey for yourself and integrate it into your life.

I am here as a guide and a bridge between the worlds, to hold you in a safe space while you navigate your own healing. Everything that occurs in a Shamanic Healing session is with your permission and agreement. Advice given to you is always for you to consider and act on only if it feels right for you to do so. The healing will always be guided by you at the pace and content are in your comfortable with, you are in control at all times. Shamanic Healing is not an easy path, it may ask you to look at uncomfortable experiences you have had in the past, to release fear and judgement of yourself and others. You may need to forgive yourself and others in order to move forward with your life. It may bring deeply buried emotions to the surface to be released safely. Whatever healing work is done it is always to help you move forward confidently to become all of who you are. We cannot move forward in life till we gain comfort with our past and who we are.


What can Shamanic Healing help with?

In one word, everything. Depression, anxiety, physical pain, illness, grief, infertility, fear, conflict. Shamanic healing is about healing you and everything in your world.

An initial Shamanic Healing session lasts approximately 1 hr, including discussion and further work for you to complete on your own, all with my support. I may also give you an energy clearing session to help you gain the most from your upcoming session and help you to be clear and open to the healing taking place in your life. One-hour Shamanic Healing is £40. Skype Sessions are also available.

I do not belong to any particular path of Shamanism, I have been taught by spirit guides and initiated through life events and the Shamans who walked before us. I walk the path and I can simply help you to navigate the way and heal yourself.


“I did not really know what to expect when I went for shamanic healing; but I went with an open mind and I was honestly amazed. I did not expect to feel much, or any difference after one session – but I have! Julia is amazing, she spent time explaining things to me and I left feeling uplifted. Julia sent me an email afterwards explaining the treatment and suggesting some things I could do at home at see more improvement. I personally have never spent my time or money in a better way. I will be back!”