How to be Magic


Down the Rabbit Hole

Want to know how to do magic?

Well you don’t do it, you become it. You let it flow through your body like arousal, through your heart and from your toes to your spine and crown. It’s sensual and it dances through you and with you, in you.

You need to live the magic so that it runs through your everyday life.

Synchronicity is being in flow, in the Tao and when you are in that place, you are swept up in a magical river, and the river is also within you, the same will, same mind. Like merging with a lover. The air is sweeter and more alive and has more viscosity. The universe conspires to bring you what you need, because you are also the universe.

Yesterday I spoke about the Heroine’s Journey. The journey of the feminine aspect leads down the rabbit hole. It’s the tale of Alice in Wonderland.

Today I found myself in an Antiques Market looking for a waistcoat and a pocket watch for my little girl who is becoming the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland this week.

Keys were found for dusty cabinets and top hats and waistcoats discovered while we all smiled and flowed in the magical river. Everything was brought to us and of course we turned the corner to be invited to have tea in Wonderland. Where else would a white rabbit and a witch take tea?

This is the everyday magic that is present in our lives and it’s subtle and beautiful magic. It’s not an action, there is no force. It’s not waving a wand. It’s not a gross motor movement of the hand and it’s subtler than breathing. It’s at the level of blood moving through your body, of tiny processes that you are barely aware of and allow without force. It’s a happening and simultaneously an observation of the happening.

You become the same mind and heart of the universe.

That’s how you become the magic.

If you want to know how to find the river, then follow your curiosity, your desire, your bliss.

Healing Through Shamanic Touch




There is so much more to touch than the physical contact of skin, muscle and bone. I’d like to share with you a little about my work and how I use energetic connection to go deeper, to touch people without using my physical body, talk to them without using my voice, and open people to their own ability to heal without using pills.

I’m a body worker and shamanic practitioner and I’d like to show you an alternative to healing and relating to each other. Everyone already possesses these skills, they are inherent to all humans, some of us are just more aware of the unseen connections we form. With practice we could all become adept to relating to each other in this way and the world will be a better place.

Every now and again I slow a therapy session down so I can analyze what I’m doing on an energetic level. There are those who think I’m a body worker and just physically work skin and muscle, but for Shamanic healers there is a very subtle level and where deep healing takes place. We sense how your energy body connects to others, some people, however, are just not consciously aware of it yet. This connection is why it’s so important to be respectful of your energy and how it effects the people around you.

Every therapy session starts when a client is traveling to see me. That’s when I send out some energy threads and connect, gently, like an invitation, and ease them on the journey. I’m picking up on subtle information about how they are feeling, are they are rushed and stuck in traffic, and try to unblock anything in their way.

Looking through shamanic eyes, energy threads extend from your living body and reach into the world, like tendrils of smooth ribbon, searching, connecting and bringing information back to you. When there is a blockage in your world, your energy threads can become tangled and lose their ease of movement. To smooth them it’s a bit like running fingers gently through tangled hair.

When my clients arrive we have a chat and I very gently bring my energy closer, silently asking for permission to connect with them, quietly waiting till they feel comfortable and open a bit more. I need to be very transparent and show them, energetically, who I am and wait to see if they would like to connect. As they relax and open, I meet them and expand a little until we find a comfortable place, a place of trust, respect and non-judgement.

I expand my energy body around theirs, not unlike two soap bubbles merging together, and become very grounded. I provide a safe space for my client to relax, trusting that I can hold them for as long as we stay connected. Here they can relax and become fluid, creating a healing space.

The silent conversation between our energy fields continues as I start to connect physically, moving my energy from my heart, down my arm and into my fingers. When I touch them physically, my clients feel me, not just the physical sensation of touch on their skin, but energetically who I am as a person.

My energy body silently says, “I am here, this is how I feel. Is it okay if I touch you?”.

I wait for a reply energetically, watching for subtle signs to make sure I have understood, that their body is happy to receive the touch. I listen to their pulse and heartbeat, breath and sighs, feel their texture, muscle tension and the temperature of their skin, and watch their facial expressions, all ways in which I sense the language of their body.

As the massage continues our energy fields interact and I silently ask more questions, “How are you feeling in this moment? What do you need? How do you want to be touched? Where is the pain?”

Again I watch for subtle changes in their physical body as I respond to their energy body’s request. Clients may raise a painful shoulder up a fraction or turn their head and sigh to allow me access to their painful neck. It’s all non-verbal communication, a mixture of listening to their body and energy.

As I continue to work other questions my energy body might silently ask,

“How do you show up in the world? What is holding you back? How do you relate to the people around you? How do you connect to your environment? What has hurt you? What do you need to heal?”

As relationships become more advanced sometimes my clients silently communicate wisdom and their understanding of the world to me and I communicate my wisdom and teaching to them. This is how teachers can transmit information just by being in the same room. We don’t always need to talk or have a formal lesson. Clients will go home with knowledge of how to resolve a problem or heal themselves. It’s just because our energy bodies have had, for lack of a better word, a chat.

In this way my client’s energy body tells me what is blocked in their lives and how it is effecting their physical body. As I work to release the tension and blockages in their muscles and joints I’m also working to unblock the energy in their lives, for one mirrors the other.

Physical, mental, emotional, and energy bodies need to be listened to in a deep and exquisite way. This is how I know what is happening within a person. It could take many sessions of talking before people overcome their fear or shame of telling me, deep down, what is happening in their life and what they need. They may not even know what this is at a conscious level, but at this deep soul and energetic level there is no ego or shame, just honest communication. I can use this information to respond to their needs, my physical body soothing and listening to theirs and my energy body communicating and healing. At the top level I can use old fashioned verbal communication to check that I have understood and listened, confirm boundaries and ask for permission.

So it’s not just rubbing and kneading sore muscles. So much happens unseen in this world. But it exists and this is how you start to heal a person deeply, from their soul all the way through to their physical body.

How does this relate to you and how you operate in the world? With instruction and practice everyone can learn to interact in this way. Can you imagine a world where all your inner fears and emotions are easily understood by everyone around you? You would feel held and deeply seen and supported. By opening up your energy body you can connect with each other in a profound way, able to understand and communicate, hold space and heal each other. Living with a deep awareness of your connection to each other and your environment. Living fully through all of your body and senses, being all of who you are.


Freckles, Plums and Parsley

The little things mean a lot to me, if I’m still and quiet enough I can find beauty and joy in small places. But I need to slow down and give it my full attention in order to savour the sweetness.

Today it was the clear skin of my little Celtic warrior child, the violet blue of her eyes and the freckles on her nose. Carrying the genes of all the strong women in my ancestry. I put down my phone and gave her my full attention and watched her blossom, entertaining me with sweetness and funny mannerisms.

It was in the freshness of the parsley I keep outside the front door because the rabbits dine heartily if I keep it in the garden. I could feel it injecting my blood with fresh vitamins and minerals as it always tastes sweeter when you’ve nurtured the plant and asked permission, it gives more in return. Just like people.

It was the ripe soft plum that I picked from the tree, still sunshine warm. The texture and taste changing with every bite.

It was the ability to hold a clients tears as they had held themselves rigid and strong for too long, showing them the strength of softness instead. To be fluid, vulnerable, held, accepted. I want more of that in my world. I will show the way.

It was the Celtic warriors wise and beautiful heart of her elder sister who gave me a hug and supported me when she went into full warrior mode.

It gives me hope that I’m leaving the next generation with softness and wisdom and empowered to change things. Small things done with kindness is how we will change. Slowly, many people making small changes. Softer, slower, more fluid and flexible. Expanding, loving, growing.

If you want beauty around you, create it.

If you want to be loved, love

If you want a better world, make your little bit of it better, join up with the others, be part of the tapestry.

If you want to be forgiven, show forgiveness.

If you want compassion, be compassionate.

Be powerful, don’t waste your creation.

Don’t support the others who hate and lie and fear, you will only create hate, lies and fear.

Don’t complain, create.

Grow yourself, grow your world, make it better, more loving, more beautiful.




Day three of dreaming and another insight into my deeper darker unconscious.

My dreams tend to come in threes and occur around the first quarter of the moon when it’s around 50% illuminated. Half dark, half light like the yin and yang symbol. It’s a powerful time, maybe even more so than a full or new moon.

For me it shows me what is out of balance, where my fears are. How I’m really feeling deep down and brings the shadow into the light.


Last nights dream involved me leading some school kids through the secret subterranean tunnels under the cinema, through some toilets and out into the air. Going through deep hidden passageways. In one toilet I had found a family of rats which had just given birth and were in danger of being trodden on so I scooped them all up and gently placed them inside my jumper to take them to safety. In the in-between state of sleep and awake I could feel their tiny claws grabbing on to my skin.* I also returned to a former job again underground to finish some paperwork but was send on an errand by my long dead boss to gather ingredients to make a Jamaican fruit cake for a party.

I think I have pieced together all the information over the last few nights dreaming and I understand the messages.

Please don’t be afraid of your dreams and nightmares, they are an invaluable learning tool.

* In Shamanic terms it’s possible for negative energy to become attached to our energy body and feed from it. This causes loss of energy, depression and illness. The negative energy often takes the form of an animal/humanoid or other strange shape which clings to the energy body, In this case baby rats. It allows the Shaman to see the energy and remove it, removing the illness.

Shamanic healing is removing the things that do not belong with us and restoring the things that do. Bringing back a piece of a broken heart that you have left with a lover or a soul fragment that left your body through trauma. Returning you to wholeness and bringing back all of your pieces.

By journeying in the Astral planes and dream world I could see the negative energy attach to my body and I could remove it. I could also see the behaviour that attracted it. The dream world for me is a bit like bathing for my soul.

Disclaimer – This isn’t a political post, Its something much worse, it’s Spiritual

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I had a moment of grace and clarity this morning. Recent events in the political arena have been crazy, it feels like I’ve been dreaming that the whole world has gone completely mad.

I’ve been hoping and trusting beyond all sanity that it is going to come right. This morning I started to see a little clearer.

I’ve recently ripped up my business website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Advertising and decided to start from scratch. It’s served me really well for five years but it’s time for a change. So I’m starting again.

I’m a Bodyworker and this morning I have been designing new pages for all of the different treatments I offer and I came to Lomi Lomi Massage. For those of you who have never experienced it, you are in for a transformation. Lomi Lomi Massage is based on ancient Polynesian Shamanic ritual. It’s potent and strong magic. One of the principles is based on Ho’o Pono Pono which translates roughly as being in right standing, putting things right within yourself and those around you, your community and the world. While I was writing about Lomi Lomi  I started to describe the path to Ho’o Pono Pono, which is simply I love you, I’m sorry. This is the strongest medicine in the universe. It needs to be directed inwards, towards self-love and forgiveness and outwards to everyone around you. Do this one thing and transformational magic will happen.

Everything that happens within is mirrored without. The Taoists also taught this, as above so below. Love yourself and you will be able to both receive and give love more deeply to others. So what does this mushy stuff have to do with the current political insanity ?.

Well in addition to me wanting to rip everything up and start again, I was directed towards this article by Dr Joe Vitale.

It’s about someone who worked with the criminally insane. (You can see the parallel with the political system).Essentially following Huna Wisdom, we are responsible for everything that happens. If we change ourselves, this will be reflected in our external world as it is only truly a reflection of our inner projection. It’s uncomfortable to think we are responsible for everything.

Joe writes, “I know this is tough to grasp, let alone accept or actually live. Blame is far easier than total responsibility, but as I spoke with Dr. Len, I began to realize that healing for him and in ho’oponopono means loving yourself. If you want to improve your life, you have to heal your life. If you want to cure anyone – even a mentally ill criminal – you do it by healing you.

What if the political wave of change is just a reflection of what is going on inside us ?. Maybe we both want and fear change in equal measure. Maybe deep down we are not sure of what we want, maybe we have insecurity around lack in our lives or fear of people who have different beliefs. Maybe deep down we are just scared, confused and don’t like ourselves very much. Maybe we have manifested our own Donald Trump, the confusion, the lies and the back stabbing. Our reality may just be based on what is being beamed out of our own internal projector room. What if we didn’t just create the monster. What if we were the monster ?

It’s a big leap to go from blaming everyone else to taking full responsibility. By blaming others we are giving our power away and looking to them – government, organisations, leaders to fix the problem. I wonder what would happen if we stopped being so afraid of our own power, and that we might somehow get it wrong and mess it up ?. If we used our own power to work on the only thing we could, ourselves. Just maybe we would could load a different film tape and have a more pleasant perceived reality to watch.

In view of the political change, do you want radical change in your life ?, What are you afraid of ?, Are there parts of you which you find hard to love and reconcile ?, Do you need to love and forgive yourself and others ?. Please read Joe’s article, it relates to the crazy situation that we are going through at the moment and although the answers to these questions are for you, if you feel like sharing please post your response below.

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